What is DRTV?

DRTV is the ultimate mass-communication tool.

Direct Response Television is an alternative source of TV media that offers cost-effective distribution, retail and web support, great flexibility, and real-time media measurability. A DRTV commercial works twofold: It provides a strong call-to-action asking consumers to contact a business directory by phone or by web while simultaneously creating brand awareness. Additional DRTV benefits include increased profit margins, direct customer contact, real-time media performance measurability and media spends that can be swiftly reallocated to day-parts and networks based on predetermined performance standards, e.g. cost per lead, or cost per order.

DRTV is the most efficient way to maximize sales leads.

Cricket’s lead generation campaigns are designed to cost-effectively gather then distribute hot leads to clients through the power of DRTV commercials. When television viewers respond to the compelling call- to -action by dialing an 800 number or accessing a webpage, Cricket is able to capture and transfer exclusive customer information to the client. In addition, Cricket’s telemarketing partners are trained to qualify potential leads based on each client’s set criteria. Learn More

DRTV is cost effective.

The ticket to lower media costs is having access to unsold media, knowing the target demographic, and buying media at the lowest cost per thousand. Through our strong partnership with Mercury Media, Cricket can find the pockets of inexpensive media that best suit your business. We target qualified customers through first researching categories such as age, sex and household income, then matching the results to similarly targeted networks. This optimization process results in offering clients the lowest possible cost per lead.

DRTV is measurable.

Attaching an “800” number to an advertisement provides campaigns with precise measurability on a real-time basis. Clients are able to receive real time results while Cricket works simultaneously to optimize the campaign.

DRTV has great flexibility.

As a campaign runs, Cricket keeps a close eye on all aspects to ensure success. Based on information that starts to accumulate when the campaign begins, Cricket can facilitate the buying of more time on a particular network, reduce spending, or cancel altogether within a matter of days.