Victor Grillo Jr., Chairman & CEO

After graduating with a business degree from Bentley College in 1989, Victor Grillo Jr. began paving the way for the Direct Response Television industry right in the comfort of his own home. The young entrepreneur began producing television commercials in his basement with the lofty guarantee that through his re-invented direct response formula, he could convince anyone in the audience to buy his products. What began as a college-grad’s grandiose idea slowly transformed into over $1 billion in products sales and the building and selling of five businesses worth over $250 million.

Grillo’s last 20 years in the DRTV business boasts an impressive portfolio of high profile clients including Motorola, Boost Mobile, Conair, Neutrogena, Liberty Medical and Cash4Gold. His product empire includes a variety of household names such as his One Touch line, Faraday Flashlight, Ginsu Knives, and Liquid Leather.

Cricket Holdings, Grillo’s current company, has recently expanded to include lead generation services that employ the familiar business concept of utilizing DRTV to mass produce quality leads for various companies in the medical, financial, precious metal and education industries.

Today, Grillo acts a chairman and CEO of Cricket Holdings, where he oversees the company’s full breadth of service while also specializing in business development and merger and acquisition activities.


Jim Hensel, Vice President of Sales

Jim Hensel joined Cricket with a diverse background in new business development and sales. He enjoys listening to customers and developing solutions to expand businesses. Jim has been instrumental in introducing Cricket’s revolutionary television based Lead Generation Service.

Prior to Cricket, Jim worked in finance, e-commerce, technology and medical manufacturing. His experience gives him broad awareness of successful business models and ways to grow revenue. Jim graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship.