Consistent generation of quality leads has become critically important to the survival of businesses in today’s economy. With 20 years of experience in the Direct Response field, Cricket Holdings has the expertise to not only sustain, but to grow your business by delivering qualified leads at a fixed, low cost. Whether you’re selling services or products, we can effectively generate leads for your business through a unique fusion of compelling direct response offers and continuous media optimization.


Cricket’s Unique Approach

Cricket assumes the risk:

  • We invest in a unique commercial tailored to your offerings
  • We pay for and manage all aspects of the media buying


You directly receive qualified leads at an affordable, fixed cost per lead:

  • The definition of a qualified lead is determined by you
  • All leads generated by the campaign are exclusive to you


Cricket’s Pay Per Lead Process
Cricket makes the investment and manages the entire campaign. You only pay a fixed cost per qualified lead!