Lead Generation Case Studies


Diabetic Supplies

Cricket’s lead generation business began with one diabetic supply client who sought to increase its revenue and customer base quickly and cost effectively without a major capital investment. Cricket created an entirely new strategy under an ancillary brand – USA Medical™ – which allowed for its client to run branded media simultaneously. Cricket paid for and produced a new creative and employed a customized direct response television campaign encouraging interested parties to respond immediately. Cricket’s client received high volumes of pre-qualified leads in real time and was able to convert those customers at a higher rate than in previous efforts. Since creating USA Medical, Cricket has created similar campaigns for other diabetic supply clients yielding great success.


One Touch™

Cricket created the OneTouch™ brand to promote a line of functional, demonstrable, battery powered household products, that would have mass appeal and thrive in a multi-channel distribution environment. Cricket markets its OneTouch™ line of products initially through the direct response medium and then through traditional mass retailers. By leveraging Cricket’s direct marketing expertise, OneTouch™ products have achieved greatness. In total, more than 10 million OneTouch™ products have been sold at retail, through catalogs and online outlets, and through direct response TV. This multi-channel strategy is initially driven by the direct response TV "call-to-action" ads.


Precious Metals

Cricket was one of the first advertisers to expand into the precious metals space. When Arch Stanton needed to significantly grow its gold buying business in the short term, the company relied heavily on Cricket’s DRTV capabilities. Cricket developed creative using the US Gold Network brand and strategically placed media to appeal to targets that would yield high conversion rates. Arch Stanton immediately received the boost it needed to grow and sustain its business.


Class Action Litigation

Cricket has extensive experience working with law firms in the legal arena. When looking to attract new claimants, law offices rely on Cricket Holdings to help expand their case load. Cricket’s powerful creative coupled with strategic media placement yield poignant television campaigns that are able to reach highly targeted audiences. Our ongoing projects have resulted in significantly higher qualified lead volumes and increased lead-to-case conversions for all clients.


Debt Settlement

Cricket has had several successful experiences with clients in the Debt Settlement industry. When a client needed to significantly grow its business, it chose Cricket Holdings to expand its lead generation capabilities. Cricket’s approach was the creation of a new financial services brand - USA Debt Settlement™ – and a TV campaign that resonated with targeted consumers. The results of the project are a vastly significant increase in convertible responses and a much higher ROI than our client could have otherwise expected.